Getting to Know the Community Association Marketplace

If you're looking to establish a lasting (and profitable) relationship within the community association marketplace, you need to understand how it works and what "makes it tick".  There's a lot of opportunity to be had, but there are also many issues to navigate and pitfalls to avoid.   And it all starts with a review of the basic issues and influences.  [...]

Tips and Techniques for Successful Searching

When it comes acquiring community association data, accuracy is essential, but usability runs a close second. To achieve maximum useability, the right search criteria must be selected and applied, used to generate meaningful results. This blog posts examines the various search criteria available in HOA Board List and how each is used to produce resulting output. [...]

Marketing to Association Board Members

You already know that you have a great product or service. You have built a good list of viable community association contacts. Now you're ready for action -- or maybe not.  There's just one more piece to the puzzle - you need to position your product or service in the "right light" to convince association decision makers (and those who influence them). To do that, you must understand the role of the association board and how it works. [...]