Looking for even more opportunity for your property management, maintenance, and renovation service offerings? Take the first step with a "rental and resort operators" mailing list from HOABoardList.

When it comes to taking care of a multi-unit property, community associations and rental/resort operators have a lot in common. So it makes sense to come to one place (HOABoardList) and find the data you need to promote the products and services you have to offer. Here's how it works... in addition to our comprehensive database of Florida based community associations, you can now use HOABoardList to generate and download instant labels or lists of Florida based "rental and resort" property operators. You'll get names, mailing addresses and phone numbers for the key management contacts and decision makers at all the properties you select. It's the easy way to find even more opportunity - with the same HOABoardList quality and ease of use.  See sample "rental and resort" data.

Comprehensive Data

The HOABoardList rental and resort lodging database contains more than 39,000+ Florida based apartments, hotels, motels, resort dwellings and more.

Multiple Search Criteria

You can build your customized lists of rental and resort lodging contacts based on location (county, city and/or zip code), as well as by one or more lodging types.

Name, Address and Phone

Get key contact information for all the lodging properties you select, including company name, property name, contact name, mailing address, and phone numbers.

Instant and Accurate

The rental and resort lodging database is compiled from public licensing records, and then organized so you can quickly generate consolidated lists - all for instant download.

Labels and .CSV Format

You can choose the download format you wish. Label (PDF) format is available for .15¢ per name. Data import (.csv) format is available for .28¢ per record.


Our "rental and resort" data options support direct mail (addressing and personalization) along with phone prospecting, and CRM data import (for sales management).