Our HOA data is compiled, cleaned & verified for optimized accuracy. We keep it current. We match and validate. And we deliver exports in instant downloads.

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When you're looking to promote your business to HOA Board members, you need data that is accurate, up-to-date, and useable for the purpose intended (mailing and marketing). That's what HOABoardList delivers.

First we find and collect all the key "association" data from multiple sources, including Sunbiz, DBPR, property records, tax records and more. We make it ready for use, so you can build your list and do your mailing - for postcards, letters, brochures and more.  Get started now or learn more in our FAQ.   Also See: Rental/Resort Operator Lists

We Compile It

There's lots of association data out there, but collecting it, organizing it and making it useable is a big job. We've done the hard work to make one cohesive, organized database.

We Clean It

We use our proprietary programs to clean all this HOA data, to compensate for all the inconsistencies, anomalies, and the most common types of data entry errors.

We Match It

The key to success lies in the "matching" - giving you the most current Board member address available, matched to property and tax records whenever possible. That's what we do.

We Organize It

We work hard to organize and present all this HOA data in a way that is easy to use, so you can quickly choose your Board prospects and produce lists, mailings and more.

We Deliver It

Data downloads are delivered in .pdf format (for labels printing) or .csv format for import into Excel (for spreadsheets) or other applications accepting .csv data file layouts.

We Support It

We keep all our HOA data as current and up to date as possible, continuously refreshing our data files so that our customers have the latest information available.