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Let's Start with LocationsGet Samples

The first step in generating your Board List is to select the geographic locations you wish to target. You can choose to search by counties, cities and/or zip codes.  County searches are the "broadest" level of location selection and zip codes are the "narrowest" level of location selection. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST ENTER OR SELECT AT LEAST ONE ZIP CODE, CITY OR COUNTY TO CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP.

Example #1: To search by one or more specific zip codes, enter the desired zips in the "Zip Code" box and click on the [Add to Zip List] button. Repeat for each additional zip code desired. You can also enter partial zip codes. For example, if you enter "336" your list will include all zip codes starting with 336. NOTE: DO NOT SELECT A COUNTY OR CITY IF YOU WISH TO SEARCH ONLY BY ZIP CODES.

Example #2: To search by one or more specific counties, just select the desired counties from the list or using the [Click for County Map] option. A county selection will automatically include all cities and zip codes in that county.

SPECIAL FEATURE: You can enter (or cut and paste) a list of Zip Codes instead of entering one at time. Separate each Zip Code with a comma.
33445, 33446, 33602
33445, 331, 33602

IMPORTANT: Location criteria inputs are inclusive. As an example, selecting Miami-Dade County will include all cities and zip codes in the county. If you only want the City of Miami Beach then do not select Miami-Dade County.
Likewise, if you only want Zip 33144 then do not select the cities Miami, Coral Gables or Sweetwater nor Miami-Dade County.

Example #3: To search by one or more specific cities, just select the desired cities from the drop down list. A city selection will automatically include all zip codes in the selected cities.

Example #4: If you want to simultaneously search a diverse area, you can combine "non-related" counties, cities and zip codes. For example, you can choose to build your list based on Orange County, the city of Tampa, and the 33417 (West Palm Beach) zip code.

Click on the [Next] button to continue once your locations are selected.
Only numbers may be entered for Units and Age limits.
Leave a field blank for unlimited.
Association Type
Now We Move On To AssociationsGet Samples

You've picked your locations and now it's time to choose the types of community associations to include in your list. To begin, select one or more "Types" from the Association drop-down list (Condo, HOA, Timeshare, Co-op and/or Mobile Home Park).

You can further refine your Association selections by entering a minimum and maximum count for "size" (number of units) and "age" (number of years). Example: If you want to limit your list to Associations containing more than (50) units, enter 50 in the [Min Units] field.

With regard to property age, at present, official data for the age of Homeowner Associations (HOA) is not reliable. Therefore, if your search includes HOAs, the minimum property age should be left blank or set to zero.

Click on the [Next] button to continue after selections are made.
Board Title
Let's Continue with Board SelectionsGet Samples

Now that you've chosen your locations and Association characteristics, it's time to select the Board member "titles" to be included in your list. To do so, simply choose one or more of the relevant Board position "titles" from the [Board Title] drop-down list.

Board Selection Filters (For Further List Refinement)

Dedupe: Select to eliminate duplicates from the Board search results based on three (3) criteria:  None = All duplicates will be included in the list; Association = Board members holding multiple positions on the same board will only appear on the list once; All = Individuals serving on multiple boards will only appear on the list once.

Mail-Match™: If this option is selected, your list will be limited to board member "home" addresses (i.e. those addresses that have verified using property appraiser/tax records). Your resulting list will therefore not include board members who have chosen to receive their mail at the Association property office or "care/of" the management company. If you wish to reach board members at all types of deliverable addresses, be sure this filter is NOT selected.

Click on the [Next] button to continue after selections are made.
Output Type:
Selected label
Please Note: The [Label Type], [Print Association Name on Label], [US Addresses Only] and [Label Text Color] options apply only to the PDF output type.
We're Almost Done....Get Samples

Now that your location, association and board selections have been made, it's time to choose your output type (so we can calculate your list count and related costs).

  1. Enter a list description (or accept the default).
  2. Select "CSV" if you want your list generated in .csv format. CSV lists provide Association data (name, address, size and age) as well as Board member name, title, address and more. CSV data is calculated at .28¢ per record.
  3. Select "PDF" if you want your list generated in .pdf format (for printing on labels). PDF lists provide Board member name and mailing address only. Label type must also be selected based on the desired "layout". PDF data is calculated at .15¢ per "label".

US Addresses Only: Select to exclude board members with foreign (non US) addresses from your list output.

Print Association Name on Label: Select to include the name of the Association on the label ex. "Florida Best Condominium Assn."
If selected, we do not recomend using label style 5160/8160 as the label is small.

Label Text Color: This option sets the color of the printed text on the label face. We recomend leaving this set to the defaut color of black.

To calculate your list counts and costs, just click on the [Next] button below. Here we go!

Congratulations - List Calculation Success!

Your list count and calculation is done. Here's what happens next:

  1. Are you ready to download your full list? Just click the [Checkout] button below to begin the purchase and download process.
  2. Do you want to download only a portion of your list? Just enter the total number of records [Count] you wish to export, click the [Recalculate Quantity] button and then [Checkout]. Example: Your list has 1,000 records, but for now, you only want to download the first 500. Just enter "500" in the [Count] field below, then press "Recalculate Quantity".
  3. Do you want to change any of your current selection criteria? It's easy to return to one or more of the four (4) previous steps and have your list recalculate.
  4. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  5. Please note your list WILL NOT CONTAIN email addresses nor phone numbers.

Your selected list criteria are provided below:
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Included in Plan
On Demand Output
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