Can You Find the Hidden Value in HOA Marketing?

The key decision makers for most community associations are the homeowners who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors. And these board members are most definitely "the people" to reach if you want to make a customer out of an HOA, COA or other community association. But, for the savvy marketer or business owner, the average board member is more than "a single contact", they are also a "conduit" to even more opportunity. You just need to tap into that connection.

One to Many Marketing Potential

Statistics culled from the HOA Board List database tell us that there are over 17,000 community associations in Florida with more than 50+ units, and some condos have more than 1,000 units each. So, one Board member contact could be a link to as many as 1,000 homeowners. The question is - how can you leverage this connection to maximize your data acquisition dollars and find even more prospects for your product or service?

Understanding the "Board to Homeowner" Relationship

The "board to homeowner" relationship is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Board members are homeowners, and have a vested interest in the property.
  • Board members are unpaid volunteers, with a lot of power and a lot of responsibility.
  • Homeowners elect Board members (and can recall them).
  • Board members prefer "happy" homeowners.
  • The most successful communities have a strong, active "board to homeowner" connection.

Making the Connection

Board actions and decisions can impact homeowners in many ways, from financial, to property value, to quality of life. But, sadly, homeowners are often disengaged from the affairs of the association. But, when it comes to the needs of their individual homes, they may be more inclined to take an interest. To expand your marketing reach, you need to tap into that "interest".  But how?

You can start by showing each Board member contact how you can make him/her a "hero" to their fellow homeowners.  You need to position your product and service in a way that encourages the Board member to promote what you have to offer to the community at large. There are several ways to make this happen. Let's say you run a cleaning service. You definetly want to promote your services to the association as a whole (to clean and maintain the common elements). But, what if you want to also offer cleaning services for individual homeowners? It's all a matter of reaching out with the right message, positioning your service to fill both the "association" and homeowner needs, and tapping into the existing communication network built in to the association/homeowner relationship.  The keys are knowledge, creativity and motivation.

Ultimately, Board members want to be appreciated for their accomplishments and homeowners want to feel that the Board has their interests at heart.  With a smart effort, you can tap into these interests and open even more doors of opportunity for your business.  It can be a win-win with the right strategy.

Find more information and ideas for community association marketing at the HOA Board List Blog.  Get Started.

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