Searching to Build HOA Board Mailing Lists

When it comes to acquiring "targeted" data to reach HOA board members, accuracy is essential, but usability runs a close second. It takes flexible, relevant service criteria to achieve maximum usability. This blog posts examines the various "search criteria" available in HOA Board List and how each is used to produce resulting list and data output.

Starting with Data Variables

Data variables are the first step to finding HOA list data that fills your needs and matches your budget.  The three (3) key variables are as follows:

  1. Entity (Association) Type:  HOA, COA, Co-operative, Timeshare and Mobile Home Park.  Results can be defined by one or more of these types - to be all inclusive (all types) or limited by type.
  2. Geographic Variables:  Region, county, city and zip code.  Results can be defined by one or more of these variables, used alone or in combination. Geographic selections can be broad (the entire state), diverse (multiple counties, cities and/or zip codes) or narrow (single area).
  3. Board Title:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Managing Member, Director and other.  Results can be defined by one or more of these Board positions - to be all inclusive (any and all titles) or narrow (specific titles only). Note: The titles listed in the quick-selection list represent the most common titles, but as the data shows, other titles can be used (and sometimes are), and will be included when "other" is flagged.

Get More Refined with Data Filters

Data filters provide the opportunity to further refine search views and variables, providing for more targeted results (and lowered output costs).  These filters include:

  1. Names:  For entities (associations) and Board members.  Boolean searching is supported for customized name searching, allowing you to define specific search parameters to produce name specific results.
  2. Property Size: Range of minimum and maximum numbers of units. Property size can be a very specific indicator of "prospect potential" - i.e. larger properties may have larger budgets and have more service needs.
  3. Property Age: Range of minimum and maximum age (expressed in years). Property age can be another indicator of "prospect potential" depending upon whether your product or service is tied to longevity (whether a property is new or nearing a certain type of anniversary event).
  4. Mail-Match Status:  To filter results by the "state" of address validation (matching corporate and property records and postal validation).  Using status, you can expand returned search results (more risk, more opportunity) or you can eliminate some "risk" by limiting results to addresses of a higher validation level.
  5. Removal of Duplicates:  To filter duplicate Board member entries from on screen and exported results. It is not all together uncommon for a single individual, owning multiple properties in different associations, to serve on multiple boards. It's also not uncommon for one individual to hold multiple positions on the same board (i.e. to serve as both Treasurer and Secretary). In these cases, it may not not be economical (or productive) to send multiple mailings to the same individual (one will usually get the job done when the message is right).
HOA Board List makes it easy to find HOA Board members in Florida HOA's, condominiums, cooperatives, timeshares and mobile home parks.  Learn More.

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