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HOABoardList is the fast, accurate and affordable way to reach HOA Board members for Florida based community associations, including HOAs, condominiums, cooperatives, timeshares and mobile home parks. Use it to build customized mailing lists and promote your products and services to the community association marketplace.  Scroll down to keep reading.

Here's the fast way to get answers to the most common customer questions:

HOA Board List is an mailing list data service, providing Board member contact names, addresses and related information for Florida based community associations. Because we focus on this unique marketplace, we are able to bring the data that matters - accurately and instantly. The data can be used for direct print on postcards, letters, brochures, labels, as well as for prospecting, lead generation and contact management data imports.

HOA Board List provides mailing list data for Florida based community associations and their board members. The data is available to search online and instantly produce customized mailing lists. Searches and list counts are generated for free, and the results can then be purchased in either .pdf format (for direct print onto labels) or in .csv format, providing address and personalization data for postcards, letters, brochures and related materials, as well as for import into sales and contact management systems.

The content of any label or .csv data output will vary based on the list criteria chosen and the output type. Label output provides board member names and addresses (formatted to print on labels). The .csv output provides both board and association information, giving you the "board member mailing address" as well as the "association/property mailing address".

HOA Board List data is available at the lowest prices in the industry. If you can find the same type and quality of data at lower prices, we will match it! You can build any size list - big or small (with only a 5 name minimum to meet credit/debit card processing requirements). You can get a small list to try us out, and then get more names as you need them.

No. Currently, board member phone numbers and email addresses are not included in the HOABoardList dataset. At present, there is no sufficiently accurate source for this information to satisfy our high standards. Further, it is important to note that Board members are volunteers, and under the circumstances, unsolicited phone contacts to personal phone numbers and/or emails can be considered intrusive and may prove counter-productive to our customer's marketing efforts. As such, we do not wish our customers to pay for data that is not sufficiently useable and productive. We will continue to examine this issue for future updates. Read more about our data.

HOABoardList data is compiled from multiple sources of official, public data providing corporate, board member and property information (including Sunbiz, DBPR, property appraisers, tax records and other related data sources). We use our own proprietary methodologies, as well as eyes-on validation, to gather together all this data, and compile it so that it can be "searched" according to all the key variables and presented in an organized fashion for viewing, sorting, selection and export. We use our own Mail-Match™ process to validate board member mailing addresses against property/tax records, as well as USPS (United States Postal Service) validation so that our customers can reach the maximum number of desired prospects. Read more about our data.

HOABoardList data is updated on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure that all of the data supplied is current and useable for the purposes intended. As a whole, the dataset is updated quarterly, according to the schedule of the primary originating sources, although some data elements may be updated more or less frequently depending on the schedule of the originating source (daily, weekly, or monthly). Our goal is to provide useable, high quality data at the lowest price, and to reach that goal, we manage our data continuously, including manual updates as may be needed.

HOABoardList data covers the entire state of Florida, all (67) counties, all cities and zip codes. At present we only cover Florida, but we have received requests for other states and are working on those additions for the future.

No data is perfect, particularly when it is multi-sourced and subject to many types of data entry errors. At HOABoardList, we strive for the highest level of accuracy possible. To achieve that goal, we use our own proprietary methods for address matching (comparing corporate recorded addresses to property/tax records), as well as verification against the USPS database. That said, we are still constrained by the quality of the data entered at the time the "Associations" are recorded and Annual Reports are filed and/or amended. While we try to clean and correct as much as possible, there may still be names and mailing addresses that cannot be validated via these methods. If we determine that a given name and address will be undeliverable, we will not supply that record as part of any list.

Association information (legal entity name, location, size, etc.) is fairly static once initially recorded, but Board members can and do change, typically on a yearly basis. Board members are identified as part of an association's Annual Report (which must be filed by the end of April of each year). Mid-year filings (for amendments) are possible, but are not the norm.

At a minimum, we keep the HOA Board List current using the quarterly updates provided from all major public data sources. We verify addresses and related data continuously.

HOA Board List data can be purchased with all major credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express, and JCB).

Yes. We are Comodo SSL certified and utilize third party payment processors with the latest security technology available to ensure that all customer credit card data is fully protected. No credit card information is stored here at hoaboardlist.com. The information you provide is used only for instant payment processing and is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This technology is designed to ensure that credit card and personal information is protected from outside interference when it is transmitted from your computer or mobile device.

As a matter of general policy, and due to the nature of the product provided (data), we cannot offer refunds for data once provided. If you experience any problems with the use or quality of any data purchased just let us know and we will do all we can to resolve any issues you may have. We will make it right.

HOABoardList provides data exports as .zip file downloads, providing the selected records in .pdf format (for label printing) or .csv format, for import into Microsoft Office Excel™ or other application accepting .csv format. Once imported the data can be sorted and used as needed (and appropriate per the Licensing terms).

Your purchased list will be provided to you instantly after your payment is processed.

List data can be used multiple times for one year from data of purchase. HOABoardList data is licensed for multi-use for direct mail and data import purposes only. The data may not be shared, copied, distributed or resold to any third party. Use is limited to the purposes above and only by the original purchaser. HOABoardList reserves the right to utilize seed names in order to verify licensing and usage.

Yes. Quality customer service is very important to us, and we stand committed to help our customers make the most of HOABoardList and the data we provide. Our contact page provides a quick contact form, along with phone numbers and email addresses to receive assistance. We make every effort to substantively respond to all requests within (24) hours.

Yes we do. In addition to Florida based community associations, we also cover Florida based rental and resort property operators. Community associations and rental/resort properties share many of the same property management, maintenance and renovation needs, so it makes sense to deliver both types of data to our customer base.

Our rental and resort operators database is available to search and produce instant label and/or .csv data downloads. All of the same quality, customer service, payment and data delivery provisions described in this FAQ apply to all of the data we deliver. Learn more about our rental and resort data options.