What's Your Marketing Strategy?

It takes good data to achieve positive direct mail and marketing results. That goes without question. But, what type of data do you need? To answer that question, you must start every direct mail and marketing effort with a realistic, workable strategy. Good data is essential - but it's not enough to optimize results. With a pre-defined strategy, it will be much easier to acquire the right data, and to then use that data to fulfill your ultimate goals. [...]

The Hidden Value of Community Association Marketing

The key decision makers for most community associations are the homeowners who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors. And board members are most definitely the "people to reach" if you want to make a customer out of an HOA, COA or other community association. But, for the savvy marketer or business owner, the average board member is more than "a contact", they are also a "conduit" to even more opportunity. You just need to tap into that connection. [...]

Is Direct Mail the Best Way to Reach Board Members?

We get asked this all the time - does HOA Board List data include Board member phone numbers and/or email addresses? We're always sad to say "no", but when it comes to providing Board member phone numbers and email addresses, we must, and there's two (2) reasons why. First is the quality of the data itself (or lack thereof), and then comes the difficulties of telephone and email marketing to volunteer "decision makers". So that leaves direct mail and here's why [...]