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What's in a name...?  (or a location, or a board position...?) WHEN IT COMES TO FINDING NEW CUSTOMERS - IT'S EVERYTHING!

HOA Board List is the fast, easy way to build "ready-to-use" mailing lists of Florida community association board members. It's instant, accurate and affordable.

There are more than 41,000+ Florida based community associations. They all have service needs to fill, from landscaping to accounting, from cleaning to roof repair (and more). If you want to get in on this action, you need accurate, up-to-date "decision maker" names, titles, addresses, and more - which is just what HOA Board List has to offer.

It's Targeted!

HOA Board List is dedicated to the Florida community association marketplace, covering Homeowner Associations, Condominiums, Mobile Home Parks, Timeshares and Co-ops.

It's Current!

HOA Board List gives you full names, titles and mailing addresses for Florida associations and board members - with major updates performed at least quarterly.

It's Accurate!

HOA Board List is not a generic mailing list service. We know HOAs. We get the "real" data, from official sources, and we verify and validate so you can get "real" value.

It's Instantaneous!

HOA Board List data is delivered to you instantly, as you need it, and based on your entered search criteria. No quotes. No waiting. Just search, purchase and download.

It's Easy!

HOA Board List is user-friendly. Lists of condo, HOA, timeshare, co-op and mobile home park Board members are built on the spot - based on your search criteria.

It's Affordable!

We offer the lowest prices available for specialty HOA data, whether you choose labels (just .15 cents per name) or .csv output (just .28 cents per record).

How Does It Work?

If you're looking for direct mail and prospecting data to reach Florida HOA, condominium, timeshare, cooperative and mobile home park "community associations", HOA Board List is the answer. We provide accurate, affordable mailing list data for direct print onto postcards, letters and related mailing pieces, as well as for research, marketing, prospecting and lead generation purposes.

What data will you get? It all depends on the type of "output" you choose. With the LABELS output (PDF) you get board member names and mailing addresses, fully formatted for direct print onto "label" stock (for laser or ink jets). With the .CSV DATA FILE output (for import into Excel or other application) you get both board and association information (board member names, addresses, association names, addresses, age, size and more). Learn more about our data.


Reach Association Board Members

Community association boards often have a hard time finding competitive sources for much needed products and services. That's why it's so important to be proactive and get your name and message out there - right to the board!

The HOABoardList database has been created, compiled and verified using multiple Florida public data sources and USPS validation. We update continuously, with major updates performed quarterly. This ensures that you can reach the current decision makers. Try It Now!

Instant List Downloads

We deliver customized "board" mailing lists -created and delivered in minutes. We offer the lowest price for the highest quality HOA, condominium, co-op, mobile home park and timeshare data. And it's all available instantly. No waiting for passwords and ids just to get a quote. Just search, verify, pay and download. And you won't pay additional charges for "data enhancements".

On-demand list building is easy to use, with multiple search criteria to choose from. You can build any size list, and export labels (at .15¢ per name) or .csv data (.28¢ per record).  Try It Now!.

The HOABoardList Customer

Who is HOA Board List for? It's a long and varied list. Property Managers. Accountants. Reserve Professionals. Bankers. Interior Designers. Contractors. Landscapers. Engineers. Plumbers. Electricians. Security Companies. Dry Cleaners. Painters. Fire Protection. Roofers. And More. In short, if you can fill an HOA need, and want to make contact, HOA Board List has the data for you.

Looking to start a direct mail campaign? If so, you'll need accurate mailing data and a way to make your mailing stand out. HOA Board List fills both needs - providing up to date addresses and data you can use to "personalize" letters and postcards.

And here's a few of our current customers....